Monday 3.30-4.15
Monday 4.15-5.00
Tuesday 3.30-4.15
Wednesday 4.15-5.00
Thursday 3.30-4.15

Boys only

Thursday 4.15-5.00


Tuesday 4.15-5.45
Wednesday 4.15-5.30
Wednesday 5.15-6.45
Saturday 1.00-2.00

Boys only

Thursday 5.00-6.00


Monday 5.00-6.00
Friday 4.00-7.00
Saturday 9.45-11.15
Saturday 11.15-12.30


Wednesday 5.15-6.45
Saturday 11.15-12.45

4 Piece

Monday 4.00-7.00
Wednesday 4.00-6.45
Thursday 4.00-6.30
Friday 4.00-7.00
Saturday 9.45-2.00

Gymnastics Class Structure


The beginner gymnastics class is an introductory class for children in Primary 1 upwards, where they will learn the basics of gymnastics. In these classes the gymnasts learn the basic movements of gymnastics such as rolls, jumps and balances whilst improving flexibility, coordination and strength.  All new gymnasts to the programme must start at this level. The coaches continually assess the gymnasts to ensure they are continually progressing and will move them onto the next level of class when ready.


The improver level of gymnastics is a step up from the beginner’s classes where the gymnasts work on more advanced skills. Having mastered the basic movements, gymnasts will be taught more complex skills including handstand forward roll, cartwheel, round-off, bridge kick-over and vaulting. Gymnasts are continually assessed by the coaches to ensure they are progressing and are moved into the development class when they have achieved the required skill level and are showing potential to move into competitions.


These classes are a step up from the improver level of gymnastics and aimed to prepare gymnasts to move into club level gymnastics and enter Floor and Vault and Teamgym competitions. These classes last from 1.5 hours. Gymnasts will be given the relevant information on the competitions and the minimum standards required to enter these.


These classes are new to the club and seek to provide additional competitive opportunities for our older gymnasts. Look out for Fyrish in the 2015 competitions.

4 Piece

These classes are by invite only and are for gymnasts who are capable of entering 4 piece gymnastics competitions, that is vault, bars, beam and floor. These gymnasts will be entered into the national club grade competitions, and then follow these with the voluntary level competitions.

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