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Fyrish Gymnastics Club looks to expand after high demand

Gymnastics club receives £12,400 from the Sustainable Sport for Communities Fund
Fyrish Gymnastics Club, has been awarded £12,400 to explore how the club can expand their facilities and develop a wider programme in response to high demand.
The funds come from the £1 million Legacy 2014: Sustainable Sport for Communities Fund which was created with investment from the Scottish Government and The Robertson Trust, and has been delivered by these organisations in partnership with Social Investment Scotland, sportscotland and Senscot.
The club is currently based in Alness with outreach programmes delivered in Dingwall and Fortrose, but aspires to expand its reach both geographically and demographically after high demand amongst younger and older people for its programmes. The success of the club’s competitive gymnasts as well as the increased promotion following the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow have left the club with waiting lists for each class and a desperate need to add more sessions to meet the demand. The club also wants to expand its popular Street Gym class for teenage boys and make more education and training opportunities available to this group.
In the Highlands Fyrish Gymnastics Club is the leader in coach education and regularly hold mentor sessions for coaches from other clubs as well as delivering specific training to competitive gymnasts to enable them to compete nationally against well-established clubs.
Claire Bath, Chair of Fyrish Gymnastics Club, said: 'Receiving this funding will allow Fyrish Gymnastics Club to explore various options to expand our programme from Kindergym to Street Gym and everything in between. The club is currently restricted without access to a dedicated facility and this initial funding will enable us to further investigate how we can facilitate our future growth.'
Alastair Davis, Chief Executive of Social Investment Scotland which administers the fund, commented: 'Fyrish Gymnastics Club is an excellent example of an organisation working to create the lasting legacy for the games. They are shaping their programmes to meet the needs of young people in their community and their mentoring programme is helping to share best practice across the wider Highlands. We look forward to seeing how this funding will support them in growing their reach and their social impact.'
Fyrish Gymnastics Club one of 12 third sector organisations to receive a total of over £250,000 in the fund's second round of awards to help develop sports facilities for use by their local communities.
Other organisations receiving funding include Active Bellshill who will receive £14,000 for the planning of a new sports hub in Glasgow, the Royston Youth Action who will receive £24,900

Local Gymnasts make the Grade

Three gymnasts from Ross-shire have recently succeeded in passing a Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Grade in Perth.
Following months of preparation and hard work with extra sessions delivered by National Coach Sandy Richardson Mairi Macnaught, Sophie Bath and Kirsty Fraser took everything they had learned to the competition floor in Perth at the weekend.
The British Gymnastics Grades programme specifies which skills the girls must perform on each piece as well as a Range and Conditioning exercise which tests the girls flexibility and strength. The grading event is part of the National Development Plan for Artistic Gymnasts and starts at Grade 6 with the girls from Fyrish passing Grade 3 ‘in age’ each achieving a commendation. The girls will now compete at a higher standard of gymnastics due to their successes at this competition.
As always the recent success would not be possible without the hard work of the dedicated coaches Sonny Rhind and Melissa Black and the commitment of the girls and their parents as well as the sponsorship from DCS Alness. The gymnasts are now back in the gym preparing for their next competition in Cumbernauld.

Islay is Granted a Distinction

Islay Grant from Fyrish Gymnastics Club in Alness recently competed at the Regional Grade 2 Competition in Perth. Over 40 gymnasts competed in the 14 year old's grade from all areas of Scotland.
Islay competed on 5 pieces of apparatus; bars, beam, floor, vault, range and conditioning and passed the grade with a Distinction placing 4th on Range and Conditioning which is a display of the gymnasts strength, control and flexibility. Islay is the first gymnast from Fyrish Gymnastics Club to compete this Grade and has set the bar high for the other girls to follow. The club are grateful to Sandy Richardson, Scotland National Coach for travelling to Alness to prepare Islay and her fellow gymnasts for these competitions and also to DCS Alness for their sponsorship. The dedication of coaches Sonny Rhind and Melissa Black is paying dividends at Fyrish as the girls continue to perform on the national stage.

Gymnasts compete with the best

Four local gymnasts from Fyrish Gymnastics Club have recently returned from a major competition in Cumbernauld. Competing against some of Scotland best gymnasts the four girls from Alness put on an impressive display of skill and artistry to give them credible scores and excellent experience.
The competition was held in The Broadwood Academy in Cumbernauld and welcomed gymnasts from all the major Central Belt clubs as well as Aberdeen and Alness!
Competing on all four pieces, Floor, Vault, Bars and Beam the girls took everything they had learned from training and surpassed their best scores to date.
Islay Grant competing in Level 3 in the 13+ age group brought home the bronze medal and performed new skills for the first time. Mairi Macnaught competed a clean competition with no falls at Level 5 and excellent scores on all four pieces whilst Kirsty Fraser and Sophie Bath took part in the Level 6 competition where Sophie placed 4th on Vault and the girls tried out many new skills for the first time.

Scottish Floor and Vault – Perth 6th June 2015

Over 20 gymnasts from Alness based Fyrish Gymnastics Club travelled to Perth at the weekend to compete in the Scottish Floor and Vault competition. A beginner and Intermediate level competition, gymnasts travel from all over Scotland to compete on two pieces of apparatus, Floor and Vault.
Fyrish took home six Merit certificates to Alness which enables these girls to compete at Intermediate level in their next competition. Scottish Gymnastics set the score at 23.5 to progress to Intermediate and the six Fyrish Gymnasts pictured did this with ease.
The girls now return to the gym to perfect their skills in anticipation of their own Club Competition in September.

Alness Gymnasts smash medal target

The Fyrish Gymnastics Club girls have had huge success at recent competitions in Perth, Alness and Inverness. Islay Grant led the way with a confident performance at the Voluntary Level 4 competition in Perth. Islay finished 5th on vault and 6th on beam which was excellent for her introduction to this level.
Four girls followed Islay to Perth in October to compete at the Level 6 Team competition. Darcie Houston, Sarai Grant, Sophie Bath and Mairi McNaught performed new routines on all four pieces with confidence and all are looking forward to competing here again in 2015.
The club held their own competition in Alness inviting a record number of visiting clubs to compete, lots of medals and trophies were won. In the 8/9 Beginners Danielle Wright took the gold Vault medal with a score of 11.4. In the 10/11 Intermediate Sophie Bath took Gold on Vault and Overall with Kirsty Fraser and Mari McNaught taking Silver and Bronze Vault and Kirsty Fraser took the Silver overall. Eilidh Johnston shone in the 12+ Beginners with a Bronze on floor, Gold on Vault and a silver overall closely followed by Nina Gillespie who took a bronze on vault in the same category. To end the year the girls travelled to Inverness to compete at the Highland Beginner and Intermediate competition. Fyrish took a huge medal hall with Jessica Patni taking the Floor and Overall gold medals in the 10/11 Beginners section and Kirsty Fraser taking the Gold Vault closely followed by Darcie Houston taking bronze in the 10/11 Intermediate category. Darcie also took the Bronze overall medal. In the 12/13 Intermediate section Bronwyn Mackenzie took 3 silver medals with Hannah Macdonald taking Bronze on Floor and Overall. Faith Macleod took a magnificent Gold in the Vault with a huge score of 14.500.
Sonny Rhind, Fyrish Head Coach said 'The girls have had a busy second half of the year and have trained hard and competed well. Improvements were made at each competition by all of the girls which is what we ask for.'

Sponsorship Deal

Fyrish Gymnastics Club are delighted to announce a new sponsor. DCS based in Alness have agreed to sponsor the club for 2015. We are very grateful to Mark Kelman at DCS for providing us with this opportunity and we look forward to working with DCS this year.

Performance Coach of the Year 2014

Fyrish Gymnastics Club are delighted to announce that the Highland 2014 Performance Coach of the Year is Sonny Rhind of Fyrish Gymnastics Club in Alness.
This is a very well deserved recognition of Sonny’s extraordinary and selfless dedication to the development of his youngsters.  It is thanks to his hard work that some of his gymnasts are now enjoying unrivalled successes.
Jake Williams, Active Schools Coordinator for the area presented Sonny with his award at the recent Club Christmas Party. Jake said of Sonny’s award 'It is great to have the opportunity to say thank you to a volunteer coach who is clearly dedicated to their sport. Sonny has had a big impact on Gymnastics in the area so I am pleased to be able to visit the club and present Sonny with the Highlife Highland Performance Coach of the Year award for 2014.'
Sonny said 'A big thank you to the folk that nominated me for this award. Thanks also to my gymnasts for working so hard, to both Fyrish Gymnastics club and High Life Highland for supporting me and making this all possible'.


Congratulations to Melissa Black, Kirstin Anderson, Sam Rollo and Emma Burns on passing their Gymnastics Coaching Examination.


The Fyrish Gymnastics Club Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 27th October 2014 at 6pm-7pm in the Averon Leisure Centre, Alness. Click here to download a copy of the agenda. All welcome.


The club is keen to find one or two volunteers to attend a gymnastics judging course early next year, to help us support the club gymnasts when they attend competitions, both at home and when they travel down south.
The dates are 17th and 18th January in Aberdeen, and 31st January and 1st February in Kinross.
Every club is required to supply a judge for competitions, and this does provide most clubs with their biggest challenge. Can I ask if you have a little spare time to offer, then please offer the time to our gymnasts? The reward is a front seat at every performance!

Getting the Grades

Three gymnasts recently passed their club grades in Perth. Islay Grant passed grade 11, Darcie Lee Houston grade 12 and Sarai Grant grade 14.
All three girls performed confidently with well executed routines.

Medal haul at Scottish Championships

Fyrish came home with an impressive medal haul from the recent two piece championships. Sarai Grant took the bronze medal in the 8/9 age group and the 10/11 team took the team silver.
There were some impressive routines from the 12+ girls on floor and all gymnasts can be very proud of their performances.

North District

The girls brought more medals home from the recent North District competition in Aberdeen. In the 10/11 beginners Evelyn Paterson took silver on floor and silver overall. In the 10/11 intermediate Kirsty Fraser took bronze on vault and Sophie Bath took silver on vault and bronze overall. The 12+ girls also brought home medals with Bronwyn Mackenzie taking a floor medal and Alysha Ross a vault medal.